What does the US want to hear?

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1 min readMar 2, 2023

“US Ambassador to China Nicholas Burns Urges Beijing to Be ‘More Honest’ About Origin of Covid”

When we published our research, many people told us that no one was interested in it and everything was forgotten. Even then we said that this is only the beginning. Sooner or later, the catastrophic nature of the situation will become clear, which will lead to global consequences.

What does the US want to hear? How did China develop a new type of biological weapon using American loyalty and scientific and technological potential?

How did Russia, thanks to hackers, get access to these studies and start its own, in fact, cloning of Chinese studies?

How did the Chinese try to develop this research center?

How, after the outbreak of the epidemic in the southwestern part of Siberia and the “situational exercises for the prevention of biological threats” with the participation of the Russian Federation, an outbreak of the disease was recorded among persons somehow connected with the work of one of the largest food markets in Wuhan?

We told you then

“The main thing that everyone should understand is that this is not an epidemic, this is a war. A war in which the world does not understand that this war was started long ago by Russia against all humanity.”