Zelensky and Biden’s films

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1 min readMar 18, 2021

Member of the Parliament of Ukraine Oleksandr Dubinsky

“It was the Office of President Zelensky who demanded that I participate in the creation of the VSK in BP on the topic of” Derkach tapes. “It was the OP that demanded that I participate in the press conference where Derkach published those tapes. I remind you that I then refused to participate in this scam , and then the head of the Servant of the People faction in BP, David Arakhamia, personally had to create the VSK. Arakhamia recently gave out something about the mink, and that someone there wrote somewhere, and so Arakhamia is the very rat described I can’t do the most in the investigation of the Poroshenko-Biden conversation. It was he who selected people for this VSK. It was he who passed this resolution through the Rada’s regulatory committee and was going to submit it to parliament. “