Zelensky as a center of state corruption.

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8 min readJan 18, 2021

Zelensky came to power in the wake of the fight against the “corruption” of the previous government. “Barygi” “They stole everything”, “Svinarchuk”, “spring will come — we will plant” — all this flowed in a muddy stream from all Kolomoi “mass media”. Spring has long passed, winter has come, and Zelensky’s power, shaken by corruption scandals of all stripes and shades, is already desperately fighting not to “put Poroshenko’s huckster”, but to prevent their hucksters from being imprisoned, selling positions and laws like pies.

While still only a presidential candidate, Zelensky made use of shadow schemes and sources of financing for his election campaign with might and main, paying generously from them for services and events. All about this knows not only the “deputy prime minister” of the two governments, Fedorov, who is seen in real life for a couple of weeks a year and the omniscient Avakov hanging over Zelensky, who is not going to disappear anywhere. These issues have long been the subject of consideration of the American justice, represented by the US Department of Justice, which calmly and painstakingly collects materials and replies from Zelensky on these issues. (*one)

At the moment, we are no longer talking about some individual facts, or Zelensky’s corrupt decisions. We are talking about creating a global, state system of corruption, with the involvement and direct participation of not only Zelensky himself and his entourage, but also members of the government and members of Zelensky’s party.

We are already talking about facts with schemes that have in our legislation the legal designation “organized crime”. In the US, this is called a “criminal association”. It is not for nothing that the Chancellor’s Court of Delaware, when considering a generally ordinary dispute between two economic entities, found the facts that allowed it in December 2019 on the basis of “… taking into account the significant severity and social significance of the consideration, the court decided to further consider the case exclusively by the “Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act”

The application of this act is a sign that the court sees in the actions of individuals, organizations and in the available evidence the fact of a stable criminal structure.

Over the past year, only one thing can be stated — it is Zelensky who is becoming the center of a persistently existing corruption structure.

At her disposal:

1. State structures appointed directly by Zelensky himself and and outside legally subordinate and controlled by the non-state authority “Office of the President of Ukraine” — the General Prosecutor’s Office, the Ministry of Defense, regional state administrations directly involved in the conduct and measures of concealment from responsibility of the schemes of embezzlement of public funds.

2. Government structures (the head of which is elected and dismissed at the personal proposal of Zelensky) involved in the conduct and activities of harboring, legal and financial support for schemes of embezzlement of public funds.

3. The parliamentary majority, consisting of members of the Servant of the People party, participating in the conduct and measures of legal support for schemes of embezzlement of public funds.

4. Oligarchic groups of Kolomoisky, Akhmetov possess their own mass media and provide information and, in part, financial support for this corrupt structure.

5. Non-systemic groups:

a) Verevsky, Kosyuk, Pinchuk

b) part of the minority in the Verkhovna Rada used to secure the votes of “Batkivshchyna”, “Dovira” and others.

c) Ministry of Internal Affairs, SBU for certain reasons retained partial independence and have their own structure to protect their interests.

The main competitors are the judicial system of Ukraine, which has formed its own corruption system and its own system of protecting its interests.

The key to the successful functioning of such a system is undoubtedly:

1. Control over personnel appointments of a wide range of positions, which is carried out either on the principle of nepotism (* 7), or by a direct corrupt way of selling positions,

2. Formation of corruption-related directions of the budget process and financial policy,

3. Control over the overwhelming volume of media

4. Suppression of any anti-corruption authorities and public anti-corruption structures, some of which are simply bought by government positions (Leshchenko, Nayem), some are under pressure and endless personnel and organizational changes (NABU, SAP).

How the circuit works.

The “systemic” oligarchs are allocated areas of economics and control over state structures, personnel appointments that are of interest to them, and special conditions are created for their functioning.

For example, an unjustified decrease in energy generation and unfavorable terms of electricity sales for the state-owned Energoatom in order to dominate the electricity market from coal-fired TPPs represented by Akhmetov and Kolomoisky.

- creating catch unprofitableness of state-owned coal enterprises through the sale at reduced prices of generated electricity for the structures of Kolomoisky (“Tsentroenergo”, etc.) (* 3)

You need to understand that the systemic oligarchs actually participate in the financing of the Zelensky group very little. Approximately $ 3–6 million per year. Their main asset and task is their own influence groups implanted inside the Zelensky group, information cover for the activities of the Zelensky group, hiding and suppressing facts discrediting the group, creating a background for reducing social protest.

The main source of corruption funds for the Zelensky group is large infrastructure projects financed from the state budget. For example, as a result of unjustified overstatement of prices for road construction, up to 10–15% of the total funding was withdrawn.

The second very important source of funds is legislative lobbying for the interests of “non-systemic” oligarchic groups.

The latest example is bill # 3656, which reduces the VAT rate from 20% to 14% for the export of agricultural products, adopted directly for the interests of the “non-system” Verevsky and his company “Kernel”. while the budget has lost about 8–10 billion hryvnia. Actually, the very adoption of this decision is a payment for the participation of Kernel’s structures in the export and sale of grain from the State Reserve

It should be noted that even deputies who oppose the current government fall into corruption schemes of power.

The third source is classical criminal schemes — equity participation in various dubious financial transactions carried out by purely administrative actions.

For example — export of state reserve stocks (* 5), or pre-New Year transfer of almost 700 million hryvnias to JSC Lekhim (* 6),

The main coordination of all shadow flows going through the Zelensky group, as well as control over regional centers, is entrusted to Alexei Chernyshev, nominally, the Minister of the Development of Communities and Territories of Ukraine, who quickly became for Zelensky both a direct source of money and the coordinator of his own financial network. (* 2)

Initially, being financially and organizationally dependent on Kolomoisky’s structures, Zelensky at the beginning of 2021 managed to fully form his own corruption structure and his own schemes for replenishing financial flows.

This allows him to financially ensure the stability of his political structure and to finance the loyalty of the bulk of the “mono-majority”. According to the most conservative, preliminary estimates, from 2 to 3 billion hryvnias were pumped directly into the structure of “their mono-majority” (about 150–160 people). This is at least three times higher than the average level of subsidy flows that Kolomoisky provided in the fourth quarter of 2019 and is much more than his subsidies for 2020.

At the beginning of 2021, we have a clearly formed state-corruption structure with all the signs of a criminal organization / association at the highest state level.

In this regard, we must clearly understand that an information campaign about Zelensky’s plans to transfer power to pro-Russian groups of influence, or to leave power to create conditions for a pro-Russian revenge, is nothing more than a manipulative technique designed to keep pro-Ukrainian forces from serious and radical actions.

An outspoken alliance with pro-Russian forces threatens Zelenskiy with open confrontation with the Biden administration, with the full range of legal and political consequences of this step. The latest set of US sanctions EO13848 against the Dubinsky-Derkach group, just before Biden’s inauguration, is a warning addressed to Zelensky. The United States will carefully analyze Zelensky’s further actions in relation to Dubinsky. The absence of such a reaction will become an accurate marker of the direct or indirect participation of Zelensky and his entourage in the operations of Dubinsky and Derkach.

Zelenskiy is also well aware that all resources pledged abroad are high-risk resources. The situation with Omani banks, property in Italy and Albania shows well how vulnerable these investments and property rights are outside his sphere of state power.

Therefore, at the moment, the issue of power for Zelensky is no longer a matter of enrichment — it is a matter of personal survival.

Only long-term preservation of power can provide him with time to maneuver and resolve issues in the current political situation. Because Zelensky will not leave. He just has nowhere to go. Removal from power means arrest and imprisonment for him

Zelenskiy chose the path long suggested to him by Kolomoisky — the path of long-term financing of the government by issuing debt obligations (OVDPs) and the introduction of Ukraine by the end of 2021 into a state of “internal” default with the collapse of the state currency and the nullification of debt obligations to holders of OVDPs.

As of the end of 2020, the revenue side of the budget consisted of borrowed funds by 48.3%. In fact, there is a hidden emission of hryvnia for financing colossal budget deficit by inflation-default methods.

Given the huge volume of government debt guarantees, the restrictions on which were lifted by the vote of the “servants of the people” in BP, by the end of 2021 the country is facing an internal default. (*4)

The social and political consequences of this can be devastating. Therefore, the only way out of this situation is preventive actions aimed at eliminating Zelensky and his group from running the state.

The issue of dismantling this parasitic and corrupt structure requires an integrated and competent approach, which must combine both domestic political measures and foreign policy influence.

Reporting to the United States and the West, the public announcement of acts of corruption by the Zelensky regime and the stable ties of his environment with Russian structures, the formation of the opinion of the US political elite in this direction is the main direction of the foreign policy vector of such actions.

The task of the opposition inside is to consolidate and organizationally rally the “active minority” to create conditions for political restriction and removal from power of the Zelensky regime.

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